Students4Change has obtained a variety of FOIs. We believe that open access to information leads to transparency, which means accountability, and accountability means a better-run University.

The FOIs relate to a couple of topics. The number of harrasment, discrimination and bullying cases, top 10 highest paid professors in College (we’ve blocked the names out), cost of RDS in 2019, emails relating to College’s attempt to cut casual pay rates in 2019, non-disclosure agreements, very detailed information on staff pay rates (incl. casualization) and employment status, drop outs (withdrawals) during the pandemic (quite shocking, also hinted at by the TCDSU’s earlier big SUrvey) and finally the number of students in arreas.

You can find them here.

For the accommodation and travel expenses FOI the attached documents were not in the email but College is rectifying it soon so do check back for these.

Recent FOIs obtained by Students4Change include the appointment of Trinity East Independent Monitor and the Old Library Redevelopment Steering Committee not being consulted on the Interim Exhibtion on College Park.