With regards to low voter turnout both in a recent constitutional referendum and the yearly Sabbatical elections, you can find below an ever-expanding list of suggestions to reform the TCDSU (and others). Any Trinity College Dublin student can comment on this document within Google Docs.

TCDSU List of Suggestions

Council 4 2020-2021 TCDSU Engagement Discussion Item

And, the TCDSU Archive for 2020-2021 containing all Council documents.

(Unrelated, but for archival reasons) TCDSU Motion on Academic Open Access – Passed

CWRG Report and Annexes

Official Union Archive

We encourage all Students4Change members and interested students to run for office. #Reform, #Repoliticise, #Radicalise student unions and the student movement.

An interesting video on the topic and on the issues facing our union is a recording of the The Hist’s debate on ‘This House Has No Faith in the SU’.

Further reading(s):

Student representatives call for “lowering the barrier” to accessing union