With regards to low voter turnout both in a recent constitutional referendum and the yearly Sabbatical elections, you can find below an ever-expanding list of suggestions to reform the TCDSU and other SUs. Any Trinity College Dublin student can comment on this document within Google Docs. We are happy to announce that the TCDSU’s new proposed constitution will eliminate 1.4, the apolitical clause.

TCDSU List of Suggestions

Council 4 2020-2021 TCDSU Engagement Discussion Item

TCDSU Archive for 2020-2021 containing all Council documents.

TCDSU Big SUrvey 2020-2021 Aggregated Results

TCDSU Council 1 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 2 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 3 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 4 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 5 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 6 Town Hall 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 6 2021-2022

TCDSU Council 2022-2023

TCDSU Class Representative Training (CRT) costs from 2015 to 2019

CWRG Report and Annexes

Official Union Archive

We encourage all Students4Change members and interested students to run for office. #Reform, #Repoliticise, #Radicalise student unions and the student movement.

An interesting video on the topic and on the issues facing our union is a recording of the The Hist’s debate on ‘This House Has No Faith in the SU’.

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