Read our call to action below or visit the website of CATU / Trinity Renters’ Union. Our pamphlet’s original sources, that is company records, ownership documents and financial statements which were mostly gathered from different registries can be found here.

You can download the non-sourced PDF of the pamphlet destined for printing here. We encourage you to spread the word, with a list of actions points below!

And, of course, the sourced blog post.

  • Why is your student accommodation so f*cking expensive?
    This investigation blows the lid on the unfair, corrupt and evil practices of giant multinational corporations and rich real estate investors. Revelations vis-à-vis student accommodation developers and managers include […]

IN ORDER TO HELP, we suggest that you:

  1. Share the PDF or the blog post into your course and accommodation group chats, so as to spread awareness of the issue and encourage people to join a tenants’ union.
  2. Share the blog post on your social medias constantly, as posts and stories, tagging @students4change_group (on Instagram) or S4C_group (Twitter) and the hashtag #Education4All, #PassTheBill, #Students4Change and #Students4Accommodation.
    • To this end, you can easily re-share our posts from Instagram and Twitter.
  3. Provided that Covid-19 regulations allow and are followed, share a printed version of pamphlet (A4, tri-fold) of your choice either in-person or in a mass-mail campaign.
  4. Share your accommodation experiences with Students4Change and the union of your choice.
  5. Students of all countries, you are very welcome to adapt and re-share this pamphlet with regards to how things are on your side of the globe, as long as you give original credit to the blog post.
  6. Join us and further contribute to this cause!

Further reading(s):

Through the Cracks – Documentary

Council 4 2020-2021 TCDSU Discussion Item Relating to The Situation in Halls

Opinion on Project Ireland 2040 Submitted to Mr. Eamon Ryan TD

Other news relating to accommodation are displayed below.

  • Trinity Accommodation Rent Hike of 2.3%
    The news is shocking, that after 1.5 years of online, stuck-at-home education and the financial, mental-health difficulties associated with it, College still treats students like cash cows.
  • Corporatization is a Capitalist Assault on Universities
    The corporatization of universities is inextricably linked with neoliberalism. László Molnárfi discusses.
  • Town Hall: USI and TCDSU Joint Student Accommodation Bill
    Recently, the USI held a Town Hall event with students and representatives of Sinn Fein, People Before Profit, Labour and Fianna Fail. The Greens and Fianna Gail did not show. The #EducationForAll campaign demands an end to tuition fees, publicly-funded student accommodation coupled with a tenant’s bill of rights and better working conditions for academic staff.