We have researched public and private student accommodation providers in Ireland and we offer our research to the public. Our pamphlet’s original sources, that is company records, ownership documents and financial statements which were mostly gathered from different registries can be found here.

You can download the non-sourced PDF of the pamphlet destined for printing here.

And, of course, the sourced blog post.

  • Why is your student accommodation so f*cking expensive?
    This investigation blows the lid on the unfair, corrupt and evil practices of giant multinational corporations and rich real estate investors. Revelations vis-à-vis student accommodation developers and managers include […]

Further reading(s):

Through the Cracks – Documentary

Council 4 2020-2021 TCDSU Discussion Item Relating to The Situation in Halls

Opinion on Project Ireland 2040 Submitted to Mr. Eamon Ryan TD

Other news relating to accommodation are displayed below.

  • In Solidarity with the JCR
    All JCR events have been banned by College until further notice due to an event going awry out of no fault of the JCR.  Trinity Halls residents will be left without support during the holidays. 
  • Statement on 8.9 of Conditions of Occupancy College Residences 2021 – 2022
    . . . We believe that College should amend its policy on animals in Trinity-owned accommodation to be more accessible and inclusive to students with psychological disabilities requiring emotional support animals as companions to support their mental health. . College policy currently states that no animal or pet may be housed in residences without permission … Read more
  • Info on McGrath Group / Randalswood Construction
    These two groups were involved in the violent eviction attempt on the 27th of October against Sunnyvale residents.
  • Trinity Accommodation Rent Hike of 2.3%
    The news is shocking, that after 1.5 years of online, stuck-at-home education and the financial, mental-health difficulties associated with it, College still treats students like cash cows.
  • Corporatization is a Capitalist Assault on Universities
    The corporatization of universities is inextricably linked with neoliberalism. László Molnárfi discusses.