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  • Press Release GSU and S4C – Protest 16th October
    As we approach reading week, Trinity College Dublin’s constant disregard for our needs continues to decimate our community. Our mental health and the impact of an uncertain and compromised educational experience again this year sees many of our community struggle. The time has come for action, the time has come for us to demand a partial refund.  
  • Protest Called for 16th of October
    Due to Trinity College Dublin’s continued disregard for our mental health and the educational experience that we paid for, Students 4 Change (S4C) alongside the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) are organizing a joint Undergraduate-Postgraduate protest on the 16th of October.
  • Trinity’s Reckless Spending
    Is it a lack of money, or a lack of political will and institutional limitations? We need to agitate, engage in direct action and force their hands!
  • Mission Statement and Guiding Principles
    Students 4 Change, is an independent, open-forum, democratic alliance of students from Ireland. We are Marxists and Anarchists, but we operate on the principles of the United Front, which means that a wide variety of left-leaning students and organizations take part in our actions.
  • Students 4 Change Releases Plan to Make Trinity Divest from the War-Industry and Cut Ties with Declan Ganley
    We propose, if our College does not take further steps by the end of Semester 1 towards ethical investment and ethically-sourced research, that we at Students 4 Change formally challenge our institution’s status as a ‘University of Sanctuary’.
  • Trinity Accommodation Rent Hike of 2.3%
    The news is shocking, that after 1.5 years of online, stuck-at-home education and the financial, mental-health difficulties associated with it, College still treats students like cash cows.
  • Trinity’s Links with Declan Ganley and the Far-Right are Morally Reprehensible
    If Trinity wants to adhere to its mission statement to promote a campus culture of ‘dedication to societal reform’, it should be more careful of where it gets its funding.
  • Responsibility of the Provost’s Office in Re-Timetabling (TCD)
    Trinity’s Provost’s Office holds a big responsabiltiy for re-timetabling. We must not let them shirk their role and hide behind the Heads of Schools in the mess that was TCD’s re-opening plan.
  • Recording – Town Hall 1st October 2021
    Take a look at the recording of our Town Hall here.
  • RDS Exams in Semester 1
    Open letter to Provost Linda Doyle about Semester 1 exams.
  • Agenda – Launch and Town Hall on 1st of October 2021
    Click here for the agenda.
  • Launch and Town Hall on 1st October 2021
    We are launching our organization officially and calling a Town Hall to discuss the next steps forward for our movement and to share our systemic analysis of College.
  • Corporatization is a Capitalist Assault on Universities
    The corporatization of universities is inextricably linked with neoliberalism. László Molnárfi discusses.
  • List of Demands – Protest 22nd of September 2021
    This list of demands was written collectively by Students 4 Change, TCDRU, TCD F2F and the feedback of students. It also incorporates the demands of TCDSU as listed in their press release on the 14th of September and that of the postgraduate demands as outlined in the GSU press release on the 19th of September. 
  • Statement on Recent Events and the Way Forward for 2021-2022
    The way forward is to force the hands of institutions and of the ruling classes – after having exhausted all other means – through direct action (e.g. sit-ins, strikes, occupations, etc.). We need to make some noise and organize, and all organizations need to take part in this united front.
  • In-Person Lectures or Refunds!
    The new government policy for the re-opening of third-level education is disappointing. It is about time that we demand either a proper University experience or refunds like students in the U.K did (see e.g. UCL, UoM rent strikes, occupations and other direct action in addition to legal action).
  • TCD’s Investments in the Arms Industry Amounts to 2,6 Million Euros
    Trinity College Dublin has 2,6+ million euros invested in the arms industry. For example, it has 721,473 € invested in LockHeed Martin, a company whose handheld weapons and fighter jets have been used by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians. Through the ceaseless self-expansion of capital, capitalism has made us complicit in conflict over resources, imperialist wars and colonial oppression.
  • Example of applying dialectical materialism on a local level, to the TCDSU
    The philosophical aspects of Marxism are often overshadowed by its social, political and economic aspects. However, I’ve recently discovered the joys of dialectical reasoning and I would like to share an example of how we can use it in everyday politics, such as in deciding student union policy.
  • Why is your student accommodation so f*cking expensive?
    This investigation blows the lid on the unfair, corrupt and evil practices of giant multinational corporations and rich real estate investors. Revelations vis-à-vis student accommodation developers and managers include […]
  • Town Hall: USI and TCDSU Joint Student Accommodation Bill
    Recently, the USI held a Town Hall event with students and representatives of Sinn Fein, People Before Profit, Labour and Fianna Fail. The Greens and Fianna Gail did not show. The #EducationForAll campaign demands an end to tuition fees, publicly-funded student accommodation coupled with a tenant’s bill of rights and better working conditions for academic staff.
  • TCDSU Discussion Item on the Disqualification of Dr. Sarah Alyn-Stacey from the Provost Elections
    Following news of the disqualification of renowned academic Dr. Sarah Alyn-Stacey from the Provost elections and its aftermath involving a plethora of reactions critical thereof from students and academics alike (see. Open letter of postgraduates, pro-chancellor Sean Barrett, the recent change.org survey and IFUT), this discussion item is submitted in order to discuss the possibility […]