Academic workers are people like School-staff, managers and administrators. They are over-stressed, under-paid and underappreciated in Trinity. When it comes to the issues that we face, it is senior management, those on cushy salaries of € 200,000+ like the Provost (€ ~800 a day), who are responsible, alongside the government. Senior management and the government belong to the same class – the ruling class.

Senior management are responsible for:

  • 10% fee hike of 2000€ to 5000€ over 4 years for non-EU and postgraduates enacted from 2023.
  • 258 students in fee and rent arrears to College in 2021
  • Lack of hybrid learning
  • Accommodation run at extortinate rents for profits of € 10 million a year
  • 2.6 million € invested in the war-industry (2021).
  • 1-2 months waiting at Counselling and Health services.
  • 40 million € spent on property acquistion (2020).
  • 41% of staff casualized, over 2,500 on insecure contracts.
  • As low as 6,5k € / yr stipends for PhDs in some Schools
  • They are also complicit in the underfunding of academia. It is the passivity of university leaders that has led to the government growing confident in not funding the sector. It is a dereliction of duty that Provosts and Presidents are not advocating for the sector. The argument that we must toe the line in order to receive funding has failed and is cowardly.

The political consciousness of the student movement in the U.K. has

come to realize that cooperation with senior management is a dead end. Instead, they agitate against them, in an effort to put pressure on the powers that be. This is an example we should follow.