Students4Change has obtained a variety of data through Freedom of Information Act (FOI) requests over the years and we have created a database of them for public consumption. We believe that open access to information leads to transparency, which means accountability, and accountability means better-run and more democratic organizations. The information we share is also useful for student leaders to advocate in committees or to agitate or for journalists to research.

The FOIs relate to a wide variety of topics, and everybody is welcome to add more. There are about 70 or so FOIs. A large chunk of them relate to Trinity, some to other universities, and some to the government. recent additions include empty properties, disqualification of Professor Sarah Alyn-Stacey, outsourcing, investments and use of animals as experimentation subjects and HEA Bill-related content. The most interesting recent FOI we have is on how all HEIs across Ireland used the mental health funds from the HEA, and how Trinity and UCD specifically used them. 

  • HEA Mental Health Funds
  • Disqualification of Professor Sarah Alyn-Stacey (TCD)
  • Live animal experimentation (TCD) 
  • Rent and Fee Arrears Across All Third-Level Institutions in Ireland
  • Casualization statistics TCD
  • Outsourcing (including in TCD and NUIG)
  • Empty properties TCD
  • Attempted casual pay cuts in 2019 TCD
  • Cheating statistics during Covid-19 and before TCD
  • Partnerships with China
  • School budgeting explanatory booklet from 2018 TCD
  • Complaints re. employment status TCD
  • Counselling waiting times TCD
  • Investments and endowment fund TCD and UCD, including specific partnerships for research funding re. fossil fuels
  • Minister Harris correspondence re. exams and memos and USI meetings
  • Minister Harris’ briefing documents for USI meetings
  • Minister Harris HEA Bill 2022
  • Minister Harris correspondance. re sexual harrasment reporting procedures in UCD
  • Junior Dean statistics TCD
  • Non disclosure agreements TCD
  • RDS Costs TCD
  • Rent and Fee Debt, Dropouts TCD
  • Staff Numbers TCD
  • Drop out rates during Covid-19 TCD
  • Travel costs TCD
  • Students removed due to sexual harrasment allegations TCD
  • Highest paid staff in TCD
  • and more miscellaneous stuff…

You can find them here on our Google Drive folder for FOIs.

We take submissions to the FOI Database at [email protected] !