After attending the Seanad report stage on the 12th of July where Minister Harris hoped to pass the bill with no amendments taken onboard, we won and managed to delay it at least until September 14th after applying severe political pressure with an open letter. The success of delaying this bill shows that if we organise, we can defeat the government. We will have to keep fighting but this partial victory shows that it is possible. Imagine what we could achieve together if we were thousands on the streets! All in all, it shows the power of collective action and unity amongst students and staff. In the coming weeks we must keep up these efforts to apply pressure. We will organise on-the-ground to challenge the ruling class’ agenda. 

Irish Examiner Article on the bill being delayed (13th July 2022 / Daniel McConnel)

Picture above is TCDSU, TCDGSU, S4C, NCADSU, DCUSU, Trinity News, University Times and Senator Alice-Mary Higgins.